2017 Agenda

The WMTC agenda has all of the information you need to succeed in medical tourism, from how to market yourself successfully, to ensuring your patients receive the best possible experience. You cannot afford to miss this event!


WMTC is your one stop “Direct Connect” event, where we give you the opportunity to connect to your future clients or serve as the gateway to more patients and a successful international health and wellness program.

We know you are looking for three things: improved strategy, market intelligence, and an expanded distribution network.

Direct Connect Success. WMTC is the most direct road to success for your international or domestic medical travel program from prearranged B2B networking, Face to Face “Brain Shares,” and Think Tanks designed to inspire and engage. The educational sessions will never put out the same old people talking about the same old things.

Less is best. We don’t load in consultants pontificating about how something should be done…we bring in the professionals who are making things happen and doing it well. The industry is more mature and the business is now evolved. Case studies and fireside chats give you a chance to drill down into what makes good medical travel business through delegate Q&A offered by the buyers of health and wellness services themselves.

New to the industry? Take our Certified Medical Tourism Professional training course before the conference starts and mingle with others who believe best practices is an essential component to profitable business.

Learn about our worldwide leaders and buyers listed here.

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