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Call for Speakers

We are now accepting proposals for the 2017 Congress in Los Angeles, C.A., October 2 – 4.

Do you want to be one of the 175 international industry thought leaders to make it on this coveted list?

Joining our elite speaker faculty provides exposure as a global industry forerunner.  Share your experiences and expertise to upwards of 2,500 participants from over 100 countries.  Where else can you address your target audience all in one place?

The submission deadline for our 2017 Call for Speakers is Tuesday, January 31.

We are looking for global leaders who are willing to share their innovative and creative ideas and expertise.  The selected speakers will captivate and inspire our attendees, motivating them to take action and improve their businesses, communities and personal lives.  Our past speakers have been powerful and practical speakers.  Some pioneers, others emerging agents of change — all established thought leaders.  We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of an elite group of speakers.

Please complete our Call for Speakers Form in its entirety, as only complete forms will be considered. All presentations/submissions must be in English.  We are accepting submissions in all areas of Medical Tourism, Medical Travel, Health Tourism, Health Travel, and related fields including:

  • Medical Tourism Trends & Best Practices
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Direct Contracting and Self-Funded Globally
  • Investment Strategies and Business Development
  • International Insurance and Global Healthcare
  • Understanding Buyers of Healthcare
  • Telemedicine & Technology Advancements
  • Innovations in Medicine and Equipment
  • Academic Research Related to Medical Tourism
  • Medical Specialization in Cancer and Genomics
  • Ethical & Legal Implications for Patients
  • Information Technology in Healthcare
  • Travel Agents & Facilitators in Medical Tourism
  • New Developments Transforming Healthcare
  • Building a Top Global Healthcare Program
  • Social Media and Patient Engagement
  • And related industry topics are welcome

Submissions:  Interested presenters must submit their proposals using the form included here (on right) or online form (included here on the right).  Practical, insightful presentations (not sales-oriented) are acceptable.  Delegates are looking for information they can use when they return to their business.  They are particularly interested in case studies and original research results. Proposals should offer tangible value to the audience including customer perspectives, lessons learned, best practices, and performance metrics.  Proposals are reviewed according to specific criteria, including:

  • Uniqueness of subject matter
  • Topic relevance and timeliness to the Industry
  • Clear and well-defined message and description
  • Case studies, examples and best practices (challenges, solutions and metrics)
  • Industry research and statistics
  • Key learning objectives and take away value for delegates
  • Colorful and innovative approach to presentatino structure
  • Speaking experience of presenters
  • Supporting documents such as past presentations, published white papers and/or articles on a similar subject matter

For additional information or with questions regarding the proposal process, please contact Linda Shaifer at Linda@MedicalTourismAssociation or 001.561.792.6676 x.817

Important Notes for Healthcare Providers & other Vendors:

  • Healthcare providers or vendors interested in securing one of our coveted sessions are highly encouraged to include patient/buyer co-presenters in their proposal submission. We give preference to submissions that include a patient case study and/or a healthcare buyer as a co-presenter.
  • While we do understand that at times it may be necessary for a presenter to refer to his or her business by name, promotional efforts of any kind are considered a serious breach of the spirit of the conference. Speakers, presenters and panelists have been asked to refrain from promoting themselves and their businesses during presentations.

Conference Fees & Hotel Accommodation:

Please note that no speakers, presenters or panelists are paid to attend, including keynote speakers. All speakers pay full registration fees, travel expenses and accommodations. Only in some cases speakers fees waived.  Some speakers may also be eligible for funding through our VIP Hosted Buyers Program.

[testimonial author=”Dr Ashfaq Rizvi” author_comment=”MedAssist Int LTD” photo=””]I would say the panels, speakers, and the ability to present questions to the experts in the industry that is really what made an impact.[/testimonial]

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