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VIP Buyers

The VIP  Buyers Program is designed for individuals and organizations who currently send patients overseas or are interested in doing so. The profile of VIP  Buyers includes:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Governments
  • Employers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Medical Tourism Facilitators

Apply today for a chance to enjoy:

  • Discounted Registration
  • Free Registrations
  • Complimentary Hotel Room Nights
  • Flights

Apply for a Free Pass

The buyer incentive program will be offering a predetermined number of discount registrations, free registrations, hotel room nights, and flights to those buyers, which include companies, governments, employers and insurance agents who send patients overseas or are interested in doing so, who complete the form below. The application will be submitted to the buyer committee for pre-approval and additional follow up will only be required if more information is needed.

SUCCESSFUL BUYER STORY Because of the connections made at the World Medical Tourism Congress, an MTA member and self-funded employer, Blue Lake Casino, saved 35% on healthcare costs by sending an employee to France. Both the medical facility and company were able to meet and begin the discussion of how they could help one another. All the while keeping the employee happy and healthy. The MTA is helping many self-funding U.S. companies – like Blue Lake Casino – connect with international healthcare providers who offer surgical procedures that save thousands of dollars in medical costs for employers and patients alike.

Completing this application does not guarantee a free pass. The Buyers Committee will determine the number of sponsored buyers and levels of sponsorship based on the information provided in the application. Misrepresentation of information provided will result in immediate exclusion of the program.

Opportunities for Medical Tourism Facilitators

Attend the Medical Tourism Facilitator Think Tank to learn about:

  • Learn how to Maximize Revenue
  • How to create partnerships with Insurance Companies, hospitals and other buyers
  • Manage challenges converting patients
  • What are the challenges expanding your network of hospitals
  • Identify the challenges related to liability insurance
  • Compliance with privacy laws
  • Learning about cutting edge new procedures

Opportunities for Insurance Companies

  • Best practices from multinational companies and insurers
  • Collaborate with other peers on how to reach out to emerging markets with limited budget and time
  • Obtain a Free Membership to the Global Benefits Association
  • Get a Free Access to a Member Portal and collaboration tool to share policies, best practices and reports on the industry.

Opportunities for Travel Agents

  • Wellness Tourism Business and Revenue opportunities
  • How to build your business model
  • How to manage quality and liability issues
  • How to create partnerships with hotels and spas and wellness centers

Opportunities for Global Benefits Directors

  • Learn from other multinational companies and insurers about their best practices and innovation in International Benefits Plan
  • Free Membership to the Global Benefits Association
  • Free Access to a Member Portal and collaboration tool to share policies, best practices and reports on the industry.
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