Author: Daniel Benzler

The World Medical Tourism Congress is the largest platform to connect your organization with leaders from healthcare, insurance, and governments from around the globe.

Your Calendar for Big Savings & Great Opportunities

It is that time again… The time to assess this year’s successes and start planning for next year. What does this mean? It means it’s time to include in your business plan the opportunities your company can’t miss during 2016. The 9th World Medical Tourism Congress is one of them! The key to success in Medical Tourism is building long-lasting relationships. This is why our congress team has designed a yearlong business plan for your organization to help you build a strong brand, gain visibility and develop business opportunities while saving money throughout the year.

Did you know that one in seven Chinese said that some member of their household expressed interest in traveling to another country to seek treatment for a medical condition?

The China and U.S. healthcare markets have experienced dramatic change in recent years. New opportunities for your organization to tap into the Chinese market and engage in hospital affiliations, capacity building and quality improvement projects will be available to you at the WMTC.

The Medical Tourism Association has invested more than ever before in our VIP Hosted Buyers Program. Register for our Meet the Buyers Webcast and learn about the hosted buyers attending our conference in Orlando (Sep 27-30)  who are responsible for spending over $500 million USD on medical travel.

Learn about our buyers from emerging markets in China, GCC oil producing countries, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean and other regions. Network with Health Attaches, Global Insurance Companies from the Middle East and China, U.S.national payors among other influential buyers.


The Second Bupa Global Provider Summit, integrated in the 8th World Medical Tourism Congress (Orlando, Sep 27-30) allows participants to discuss the different drivers, including clinical quality, that have increased the competitiveness and differentiation in the provision of international healthcare services. The summit will present experiences from medical providers from around the world which have been successful in attracting international customers along the years. Additionally, the event will facilitate the discussion of the role that the different stakeholders (hospitals, doctors, accreditation bodies, international insurers) have played and should play in improving the quality of private healthcare services internationally.

Outbound medical tourism from the Middle East to Europe, Asia and North America is on the rise.

Are you ready to attract these patients?
The Arab Health and Wellness Forum at the World Medical Tourism Congress will teach you how to accommodate patients from the Middle East & North Africa to increase your revenue and patient flow.

Nobody knows Arabs more than the people who live with them, the people who provide their healthcare and plan their insurance coverage and the ones who arrange their travel and accommodations.

As a top neurosurgeon and the Director of Brain Tumor Center for Providence Saint John’s Health Center, Dr. Daniel F. Kelly is most qualified to share how Saint John’s has utilized niche surgical procedures to develop a global brand that attracts international patients. At the 8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress taking place in Orlando, Florida, September 27-30, during his presentation, Dr. Kelly will give the audience the tools to fix, foster and generate international patient flow using cutting edge innovations.

The Medical Tourism Association announces OSS Health Orthopaedic as a Bronze Sponsor for the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMT & GHC) in Orlando, FL September 27 – 30. For more information, and to meet the OSS team, visit them in booth 357.