Integrated Conferences

Global Benefits Conference™

This integrated conference will gather employers, international insurance companies and foreign governments, consultants, brokers, agents, travel insurers, air ambulance companies and anyone involved in purchasing and providing expatriate health insurance coverage and travel insurance to their employees and members. This conference will be dedicated to only the highest level executive attendees involved in this industry. This Employers, Government and Insurance Company focused Expatriate and Travel Insurance Conference will feature over 30 expert speakers, mainly from governments, international insurance companies and employers and up to 500 attendees and up to 500 private one-on-one networking meetings. For more information: · [email protected] Phone: 561.204.6567 Fax: 866.756.0811

Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

This Congress is one of the largest U.S. health insurance and healthcare conferences in the country, made up of 4 conferences (click on the logos to learn more). Attendees of the World Medical Tourism & GlobalHealthcare Congress will be able to share networking cocktail receptions and other special events with the attendees of the Employer Healthcare Congress. This means being able to network with employers, insurance agents and insurance companies. Because of the integration, this is the one year you can’t afford to miss the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress! For more information: · [email protected] Phone: 561-204-3676