After 10 years the WMTC unveils it’s new VIP event with a special focus on the Americas and “Your Direct Connect Event” as it’s theme.  Healthcare Providers, Insurance Companies, Employers and other Corporate Buyers focused on inbound, outbound and intrabound medical travel throughout the Americas will come to learn, access networking meetings and enter into direct contracts. 

The WMTC Exhibit Hall
Attend Conference Networking Meetings

The entire world of Medical Tourism Experts, Thought Leaders, Business Development Closers, Marketing Gurus, Patient Advocates, Physicians, Nurses, Chief Medical Officers, Insurance Representatives,  Health Attaches & Governments, Hospitals and Healthcare Systems Managers, Employers, Medical Tourism Facilitators and Brokers will be at WMTC 10th in LA.  

This is where the guy standing next to you in the crowd, becomes your next strategic partner.

This is where the group of three women to your left become your next joint venture.

This is where you meet the Key Players and Become a Key Player in Medical and Wellness Travel.

10th WMTC = Networking Meeting
banner for WMTC, the Future of Direct Contracting

You Know This Room, Right?

You’ve been there before. We all have. The WMTC exhibit hall, packed with people from all over the world.  Every one of them is looking to meet their next partner, business opportunity or learn what they need to move ahead.

We Break This Room Down For You with Direct Face to Face Meetings

“Hand’s down, best networking conference in the industry” – Caswell Walford | Tenet Healthcare Corporation | Florida Region

Harvard Business School: 95% believe that face-to-face meetings are the key to success in building long-term relationships and 89% agreed face-to-face meetings are essential to sealing the deal.”

Pick and Choose!  Pre-schedule your networking meetings with anyone at the conference.  Walk into this room PREPARED, knowing WHO you are meeting and WHEN and WHERE

The networking meetings encourage attendees to work together towards common goals & interests that will influence the growth of the medical travel & medical tourism industry.