Jonathan Edelheit is principle and founder of Global Healthcare Resources and CEO of the Medical Tourism Association and the EHBC.  Mr. Edelheit touches over 2 million executives and professionals through his portfolio of companies and his network, his magazines, events, and over 1 million members of his LinkedIn Groups. Mr. Edelheit spends his time working with the C-suite of health insurance companies, employer/corporations, brokers and governments in the US and abroad on the adoption of innovation and disruption allowing their organizations to excel and be outliers of success.

Mr. Edelheit is founder and principal of Global Healthcare Ventures, an organization made up of the top leaders in Healthcare and Health Insurance from the US and around the globe identifying the next “ubers” of healthcare, wellness and insurance and helping them scale and achieve their dreams.

Mr. Edelheit spends a good portion of his time working with “Concierge Clients” of GHR, selecting a handful of companies each year to support scaling and increases commercialization through his high level relationships.

Mr. Edelheit has a special passion for precision medicine and genomics and has launched a VIP Genomics conference, called Healthcare Revolution, a Precision Medicine Congress bringing together the c-suite of health insurance companies and employers with the founders of the leading genomics companies, taking part within the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress.

He has founded and sits on the board of some of the leading organizations in US healthcare including the Corporate Health & Wellness Association, Self-Funding Employer Association, Voluntary Benefits Association and President of the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute. Mr. Edelheit has focused his career on disruption and innovation.

In his previous life, after graduating Villanova Law School, Mr. Edelheit went to work for a regional TPA, which he turned into a national powerhouse.  Mr. Edelheit was an early adopter of corporate wellness and telemedicine in self-funded and fully insured plans and was the first in the US to implement medical tourism into health insurance plans.  Mr. Edelheit has published several books and is a frequent feature in national and global media.